JOHLT Productions staff

    JOHLT Productions creates non-fiction television that captures real stories and real moments. Located in the trendy warehouse district of Emeryville, California, ten blocks from PIXAR Animation Studios and just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, JOHLT turns out hundreds of hours of television. Our offices in Miami and Atlanta have housed production teams creating series in those cities as well. In the Bay Area, our editors, writers, development, and production management work in a lively space, where the huge garage door that opens to the street is open on sunny days.


    Great television tells a great story. We hire experienced directors, show runners, DPs and editors so that our shows are beautiful, full of humor or pathos or conflict or information or all of the above. We believe in entertaining ourselves while we entertain the audience, and in treating people well.


    Founders Mila Holt and Tyler Johnson not only work together, they share an office. And are married. JOHLT has maintained great client relations and has grown and developed quickly since its inception in 2009. We are a young, successful company bringing fresh energy to every project.